Our Beacons AI Link For All Our Social Media And Online Shop Accounts

Happy Monday, everyone! I recently consolidated all the links where my social media accounts and online selling accounts are. These sites were the ones I kept busy recently, hence my long absence.

In this beacon link, I am including most of our pages. Please move over to this beacon link: redenbudoysisitv - Link in Bio & Creator Tools | Beacons

I was mostly active on Facebook for Facebook Reels since December. I didn't make it that well, but when I added a few of my hubby's not-so-funny reels; and my son Jayson's videos that I took, we got more views. It's still ok with 3700 followers.

And then I opened a Tiktok account to save some reels that were flagged by Meta, then added more random videos. These were supposed to be purely for entertainment purposes but here again I converted it into an online shopping platform via Shopee, Lazada and other popular brands.

As of the moment, the Beacon AI link is still in progress as I add more products available from Involve Asia, Lazada and Shopee platforms. Just excited to work on it and share! See you around :)


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