Looking For A Place To Stay In Baguio? AirBNB For 4-6 Pax

Here are the bedrooms of the transient house, easy to relax in after a long day tour

A plus ... a mini bar!

✓ 2 Bedrooms
✓ 4 Beds
✓ 2 Extra beds for extra person
✓ Wifi
✓ Kitchen
✓ Utensils
✓ Fire Extinguisher
✓ Board Games
✓ Towel, Sheets, Blanket & Pillows are provided
✓ Luggage Drop Off
✓ Mini Bar Snack
✓ Room Service
✓ Safe to stay (1 min to Police Station)
✓ Baguio and Benguet boundary (1 ride going to Baguio/Benguet)
190m Bell Church (approximately 2 mins walk)
280m Valley of Colours (approximately 3 mins walk)
7 mins ride to Burnham Park/Night Market
8 mins to Session Rd
It's a transient house near the Valley Of Colors, Igorot Stone Kingdom and Bell Church


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Nancy Chan said...

Modest and comfortable transient house. I wouldn't mind staying in one when holidaying.

Ms Donyarific said...

Thanks, Nancy! Yes it is a good place to stay when in Baguio, well-maintained by the owners who are very amiable and approachable.

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