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Wednesday morning was just the usual as we were attending to our daily chores at home. My hubby was at the nipa hut, working on fixing our rabbit cage while he was listening to the local news commentary on the radio. I was inside the house, by the dining table, coffee time while browsing on the internet on my laptop.

Much later, my hubby said "earthquake..." I didn't immediately respond as I thought it was just a case of vertigo :-) but then seconds later, I felt some shaking -- and to me, that felt quite strong already, so my son and I rushed outside, and we all headed toward the gate and opened it right away in case we needed to get to an open space. Oh my, I was quite frightened! We live in a small place made of concrete, better to be out right away, I thought. The shaking continued for more than 20 seconds, it seemed. I was thinking of our safety, and all our sons' safety. 

When the quake stopped, electricity and water supply was cut off, as was the Wifi. Good thing I still had prepaid load for calls. Yet connection is so slow. Had to see the news right away, via my remaining available data. Where the epicenter was, or whatever news I could find. 

I uttered a quick prayer that my sons in Baguio City were ok. There is that unexplainable common reaction of Pangasinenses and Baguio residents in the event of an earthquake. We are always reminded of it every July of that Killer quake in July 16,1990, that's why.

Sent a message via facebook group chat to all my sons near and far. Thankfully those who are in Baguio City are okay, even though there has been news of damage in other places there. My other son, who is in Taiwan, is quite concerned as well. We were all glad to quickly catch up and see that everyone was safe! 

Asking for prayers for our countrymen especially those who were greatly affected in Abra, Vigan and other places in the Ilocos region.


John Holton said...

I hadn't heard about this... I support a charity in Cebu City, and while this looks pretty far away from there I can see where they might be affected. Prayers for you and for The Phillippines.

Brian said...

I am sure glad you all are okay, that had to be pretty darn scary for everyone.

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