Daang Katutubo Road Trip With Batchmates From High School! A Skywatch Friday Feature

Hello everyone! I miss catching up with you all, I'm glad to be back! It has been a long while once again. I'm excited for this week's Skywatch Friday!

 I'm featuring me and hubby with our high school batchmate's recent adventure road trip at Sitio Mapita- Laoag, Aguilar, Pangasinan, Philippines - a place first time I've been to.

 I will share more of the story in the comments section. And would like to know if you have been on an unforgettable adventure road trip before...leave it as a comment please! :)

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A photo of me and hubby, yes.. we are both from the same high school batch

Thankful to these two friends, 
who are members of motorcycle rider groups in our province

That's my frightened look, a screenshot of my video on Youtube

Holding on because of my fear of heights and the wind blowing

Below: more photos of our zany bunch at the parking area

 To be honest, I have no idea about Daang Katutubo being a popular must-see destination by vloggers, content creators, motorcycle riders and tourists. I'm glad that we were part of the adventure, and it sure is one that I will never forget! 


Tom said...

...what a fabulous trip, thanks for taking me along.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

You captured so many beautiful views, but I would be holding on beside you. Sometimes height scares me.

Mascha said...

Great photostory! Reading blogs is my onliest way to travel - I'm a disabled person, cannot leave my hometown... never had a roadtrip.
Greetings from Germany

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Perhaps my most memorable "trip" was a mule ride down into Grand Canyon to cover another doctor to provide medical care to the Havasupai Tribe deep on the floor of the Supai Canyon. The mule insisted on walking at the very edge of the trail, which was carved out of the side of the cliff. I kept leaning over the other way, not realizing that this made the mule compensate by walking even closer to the edge! Here is my journal, first of 4 parts: http://blog.rosyfinch.com/?p=19

Alana said...

Beautiful blue sky and scenery.

magiceye said...

Delightful captures!

Nancy Chan said...

Looks like an exciting adventure up on the hills. Beautiful scenic views.

Ms Donyarific said...

Mine's the pleasure, Tom! Thanks for stopping by. Been really wanting to post sooner, but thank God this is the best "back to blogging" post I've had

Ms Donyarific said...

I can imagine that, Carol! :) it was scary for me, the trip mostly. Just thankful I still got to take the photos, and thanks to our friends who shared their's too. Truly a great experience being there!

Ms Donyarific said...

Yes, indeed! Thanks for visiting by! The Mapita View Deck scene was so breathtaking! Going to the very top was an exciting experience, we felt the wind calm us as we got shutter-happy again. When visiting the view deck, you could almost see half of Pangasinan, Lingayen Gulf, La Union, Tarlac and part of West Philippine Sea, part of Zambales range. I took one-minute videos of the winding roads we took,for FB reels, as I've included in this post

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful blue skies and lovely views!

Ms. said...

@Everyone Thanks for visiting by.. I could just reply now, as my blogger seems to have an issue.

Yes that was a memorable road trip for me indeed, my hubby and I's friends from high school went on an adventure motorcycle road trip... wherever our thoughts and wheels would take us. Yes, we did plan our itinerary with the help of Google Maps, which basically would be on the Mapandan-Manaoag-Pozorrubio route. But plans just changed that morning at 5am, when all 6 motorcycles and riders assembled at Mapandan town :)

My hubby and I just went along with the rides, not minding where we went along with them, trusting that they knew the places we were going to :-) So far, two of our companions are members of a motorcycle riders group and that kept my mind at ease. Our trip from Mapandan town going to our supposed destination Mangatarem Hot Springs went well as we passed other towns. We were on our way still, as we passed by winding roads at Aguilar, Pangasinan - and may I say that is when and where I began to get frightened. Our motorcycle was just a manually driven one compared to the others, who had automatics.

My hubby and I were kind of concerned that our motorcycle wouldn't make the climb. Thank God, we were doing ok and my hubby was able to maneuver the motorcycle well. It was like a roller coaster ride for me as I was seated as a back rider, watching all that as we overtook huge delivery trucks and other motorcycles along the road at every turn. All of our 6 motorcycles sped up, yet still kept a safe distance from each another. Some of us almost bumped each other, it was terrifying for me to imagine! But we just kept our attention on the road for our safety. Finally, our leader decided to stop by Mapita View Deck at Aguilar. I was sooo glad that we stopped! My knees were shaking when I got off the motorbike, haha, they said I looked pale and nervous as well. I prayed, Thank God for keeping us safe! That's the photo in this post - of my frightened face :-)

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

The flowers are fantastic. I imagine that people in the cold parts of the US would love to be at Baba's right now!

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